Sugar Bush Fairy Doors

Ulster Weavers


Handcrafted Fairy Doors for your home or garden.

A Fairy door is an invitation. Be it an invitation for your imagination, or for a real adventure. A fairy door is a portal, allowing the fairy folk to enter into our realm, bringing with them the special magic of their realm.

Blind folk see the fairies, oh, better far than we, who miss the shining of their wings, because our eyes are filled with things we do not wish to see…-Rose Fyleman

Each fairy door stands about 6” tall. Sugar Bush fairy doors are handcrafted from solid cedar, with every board selected for its unique grain and knot features. All hinges and decorative elements are also handcrafted or carefully selected to enhance the magic of the door. Every door is hand painted and stained, then given a generous coat of semi-gloss lacquer to protect it from the elements

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