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In addition to more than 130 loose & bag teas, an assortment of more than 100 different teapots, teacup & saucers, mugs and new merchandise arriving every week, Pippins General Store is an emporium of  Tea Paraphernalia, kitchenware and gift merchandise.

Listed here is just a tease sampling of the variety of merchandise in our General Store.

  • Anne Taintor

    Anne Taintor product designs are collages which incorporate actual vintage images. Most of these images come from old society magazines. The designs reflect the society of the 1940’s as presented in some of the common women’s magazines of the day.

    Mugs, Napkins, Magnet Note Pads, Note Pads, Tote Bags, Greeting Cards



    Life happens; look fabulous. Lucky for you, you have your apron on! The Kitsch’n Glam collection of vintage inspired kitchen accessories goes way beyond your everyday apron. Sexy, sassy aprons.

    Bee by the Sea

    Our vision is to produce the best quality products using natural and organically grown ingredients. Our products are all Canadian; developed in Ontario, under the strictest of quality controls. No animals have, or ever will be, tested with our products (unless they ask to be).

    The incredible healing properties of the Sea Buckthorn plant have been well known and documented in Eastern Europe and Asia for centuries but only recently has it been recognized in North America.
    Sea Buckthorn is known to combat dry and prematurely aging skin as well as skin irritations such as rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, burns (radiation and sun), and damaged skin due to laser surgery.

    “Our products will always look, feel, and smell fantastic while providing the healthy benefits of Sea Buckthorn.” – Andrew Wingrove



    The BREWT™ Infuser is a revolutionary method for making your favourite fine tea. The BREWT™ lets you brew a perfect cup of loose tea with no mess. It is ideal for the home, the office, school, and in restaurants. Its design is elegantly simple. The unique and patented shut-off valve keeps the liquid in the BREWT™ until your tea is brewed perfectly to your taste. When you place it on your cup, the weight opens the valve and the infused tea flows through the specially designed filtration system. When you lift the BREWT™ from your cup, the valve automatically closes again, to keep the leaves and any remaining liquid in the infuser. The is BREWT™ brilliant !

    Dutch Tea Cozy

    Made in Holland. While it may be mistaken for a purse, these are Dutch Tea Cozies or a theemuts.

    Gurgle Pot

    You’ll find a Gurgle Pot in many households across England and Europe, including Buckingham Palace.

    Designed with simple, graceful lines and crafted of durable stoneware, this Pitcher produces a delightful “gurgle” as it serves your favourite iced tea or favourite beverage.

    Jig Saw Puzzles

    Michel Design Works

    Luxurious soaps and gift items.

    Mustache Mug

    The world is a dangerous place—protect your ‘stache.

    The Bucardo mug is a 19th century relic revived for the modern man.  Featuring:

    • original artwork and a classic moustache guard.
    • 13 oz ceramic mug with moustache guard
    • original artwork by Southern California artist Jeff McMillan
    • dishwasher and microwave safe

    Pimpernel Placemats

    It is over seventy years since Pimpernel produced their first placemats and Pimpernel is still the benchmark for quality tablemats, coasters and trays.

    Pimpernel is world renowned for using only the highest quality cork and hardboard materials plus an exactingly high printing standard in all their mats and coasters. Pimpernel placemats have a completely sealed edge, are resistant to the highest temperatures and resist virtually any kind of scuff, mark, or stain. Finished with a unique lacquer producing a smooth silky texture ensures complete functional as well aesthetic satisfaction for every Pimpernel placemat.

    Rain Goose Textiles

    100% linen Tea towels & Tea Cozies. Hand printed in Canada

    Ulster Weavers


    Handcrafted Fairy Doors for your home or garden.

    A Fairy door is an invitation. Be it an invitation for your imagination, or for a real adventure. A fairy door is a portal, allowing the fairy folk to enter into our realm, bringing with them the special magic of their realm.

    Blind folk see the fairies, oh, better far than we, who miss the shining of their wings, because our eyes are filled with things we do not wish to see…-Rose Fyleman

    Each fairy door stands about 6” tall. Sugar Bush fairy doors are handcrafted from solid cedar, with every board selected for its unique grain and knot features. All hinges and decorative elements are also handcrafted or carefully selected to enhance the magic of the door. Every door is hand painted and stained, then given a generous coat of semi-gloss lacquer to protect it from the elements

    Honeysuckle Cottage Tea Cozies

    Canadian Made Tea Cozies by Honeysuckle Cottage

    Tea Infusers

    The Beach

    Eclectic assortment, locally made “Beach” memorabilia.
    Artwork, night lights, magnets by Gingerbread Studio, Elora,
    Beach Sweatshirts & Hoodies by Overkill .
    Assortment includes tote bags, wine bottle bags, tea towels, calendars.

    The Beach & Toronto by Julia Gash

    The Beach & Toronto by Julia Gash

    Created by Designer and founder of Talented, Julia Gash

    Ulster Weavers


    Ulster Weavers Home Fashions prides itself on the production of high quality linen and textile products. Every product is designed in Northern Ireland and the company still relies on the knowledge 125 years in the production of textiles.

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