Brewing Tea

  • Fill kettle with freshly drawn cold water (fresh & filtered water is recommended)
  • Measure one teaspoon or one teabag for each cup, a tea ball or filter may be used for removing tea leaves from the pot after brewing time
  • Bring water to a full rolling boil
  • Pour water onto the tea:
    Blacks & Herbal Tea; pour boiling water onto the leaves or tea bags
    Green, Oolong & White Tea; allow boiled water to sit just under
    1 minute (or to 180 degrees F.) before pouring onto the leaves
  • Brewing Time Guide
    Black Tea 3-5 minutes
    Black Tea Flavoured 3-5 minutes
    Oolong Tea 4-6 minutes
    Green Tea 1-3 minutes
    White Tea 1-3 minutes
    Herbal Tea 4-5 minutes
  • Adjust brewing times to suit your taste for stronger or weaker tea. Within each type of tea, there may be exceptions to the guide.
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